Oveos Consulting

Your representation in the EU.

Legislative Observatory

An early warning system for upcoming legislative initiatives that could affect you. The EU has the potential for great impact on your economic or political interests. Make sure that you are one step ahead of the game.

Political Intelligence and Analysis

To enable tactical and strategic decision making and planning. Our associates represent a vast reservoir of knowledge and experience.

Briefing papers

If necessary within 24 hours. Detailed analysis or a broad overview on any issue or policy area.

Quick access to our network of academics and advisers

Think tanks and academics have a considerable influence on decision making, and can help your lobbying to be more effective by increasing credibility.

Effective communications with MEPs and other decision makers

Understanding how the decision makers work, and exactly what their powers and spheres of influence are can save valuable time as well as money when communicating your message.

Press Releases and articles for publication

Our unrivalled media contacts mean prompt coverage when you need it. The media has a great deal of influence on legislators and their advisers. Your needs may be pro-active, or reactive, either way, you need prompt and targeted coverage.

Events organisation

In Brussels or Strasbourg - take your message to the institutions, and engage with legislators and decision makers. For good public relations, nothing can beat the face to face approach.

Why choose Oveos?

Whether you need to monitor, or to engage with EU politics, we are able offer a tailor made service to suit your needs. Our network of highly experienced associates is on the ground and ready to work for you now.

To discuss what we can do for you, e-mail us at